About Doc's Creations



Kirstin Dougherty is the artist behind Doc's Creations. She is an artist located in Southern New Jersey. She loves looking at ordinary things and thinking of ways to make art out of them. She also loves to incorporate her love of music, the earth, recycling, vintage, and retro things into her art.


 Kirstin's love of art started about 20 years ago when she "discovered" photography. That passion led her to attend and graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). After receiving her Bachelor's degree, Kirstin wanted to branch out in other types of art. She found her niche in crafting.


Kirstin loves to craft with Mod Podge, Impress Art stamping materials, vinyl records, clocks, 45 rpm records (and their picture sleeves), books, wood, paper, and of course, photographs. When Kirstin is not crafting, she loves to travel, collect albums, listen to music(classic rock, Britpop, the Beatles, Paul McCartney, and Blur), design web pages, and enjoy life.

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